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Palm OS® Sidereal Time Clock

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This Progam was developt for Palm OS® using a Palm m100. It should run on all Handhelds using Palm OS® as an operating system like all Palms, Handspring, Sony, etc. Try it and be so kind to tell us wether it's running on your device or not info@ZeitLaden.de

The Program will initialize to the longitude of Phoenix, AZ. When touching the buttons on the screen using your stylus you may change the longitude to any other location around the world. You may change West into East, the degrees, the minutes and the seconds. It's important to set the correct Timezone, it is preset to Mountain Daylight Time (-6). Subtract the real UTC (GMT) not the displayed, from the time your Palm-internal clock is running to get the difference. You will find the UTC at the U.S. Naval Observatorys Master Clock. To check if everything is set correct compare the Sidereal Time displayed on your Palm to the USNO Sidereal Clock.

The program is calculating the correct Local Mean Sidereal Time (LMST) for the years 2000 to 2150 with an accuracy of +/- 1 seconds provided that your Palm-internal clock is set to the correct local time. Most Palm clocks are very inaccurate, there is a patch available named ClockFix you will find it at palmgear.com

This program is freeware. The registration code is 25101948

download sternze.zip ca.30kB. Unpack sternze.zip and install sternze.prc to your device as the user manual tells it.

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